Mystery (2013): Coming soon

Kadota (2015): Coming soon

Strawberry Jam (2015): Purple plum skin with creamy pomegranate flesh. A mild base that plays well with other fruits.

Peter’s Honey (2015): Toasted chestnut skin with crimson-toffee colored flesh. Savor this guy after your nephew sends home the winning run in the bottom of the 9th.

Hardy Black (2017): Night-sky-over-ocean skin and blood red insides. Warm blackberry compote flesh with citrus finish. Pairs well with a seedy LA noir detective film.

Chicago Hardy (2016): Midnight-maroon skin with a shiny custardy raspberry flesh and a bitter orange finish. What happens in a Chicago Hardy stays in a Chicago Hardy.

Black Greek (2017): Coming Soon.

Fico Santo (2017): Green guava skin and pale amber-pink flesh. Thirst quenching with a hint of chamomile tea. Good beginning of a first date.

Orphan (2018): Deep violet skin with rose blossom flesh. Tongue-tingling hints of cranberry and a great way to complement a fall meal.

Atreano (2014): Pale lime skin with striated blushed-yellow flesh and a peach bubbly vibe. A perfect reward after planting a new flower bed.

Osborne (2014): Mottled purply skin always bursting at the seams, and a refreshing honey-nectar taste. Pop one in your mouth when you are missing summer.

Saint Anthony (2015): Star-specked violet and green skin with honey-grapefruit flesh that tastes like dizzyingly sweet honeydew melon.

Alma (2014): Zebra brown and green striped skin with lavender-amber flesh that tastes like butterscotch. This fig often can be caught dripping honey while still on the tree.

Violet de Bordeaux (2015): Coming Soon.