We have 15 varieties of black, brown, green, and white figs. The figs are listed below in order of harvest time. Each graph begins (left) on August 10 and ends (right) November 06, and ranges from 0 figs (bottom) to 400 figs (t0p). Fig descriptions are by Jesse Neuman of MusicWorks. Eating fresh figs is life-changing, but we also use figs on pizza and in baked goods, make yummy fig preserves, and fill freezer bags for smoothies.

Mystery (2013): Coming soon

Kadota (2015): Coming soon

Strawberry Jam (2015): Purple plum skin with creamy pomegranate flesh. A mild base that plays well with other fruits.

Peter’s Honey (2015): Toasted chestnut skin with crimson-toffee colored flesh. Savor this guy after your nephew sends home the winning run in the bottom of the 9th.

Hardy Black (2017): Night-sky-over-ocean skin and blood red insides. Warm blackberry compote flesh with citrus finish. Pairs well with a seedy LA noir detective film.

Chicago Hardy (2016): Midnight-maroon skin with a shiny custardy raspberry flesh and a bitter orange finish. What happens in a Chicago Hardy stays in a Chicago Hardy.

Black Greek (2017): Coming Soon.

Fico Santo (2017): Green guava skin and pale amber-pink flesh. Thirst quenching with a hint of chamomile tea. Good beginning of a first date.

Orphan (2018): Deep violet skin with rose blossom flesh. Tongue-tingling hints of cranberry and a great way to complement a fall meal.

Atreano (2014): Pale lime skin with striated blushed-yellow flesh and a peach bubbly vibe. A perfect reward after planting a new flower bed.

Osborne (2014): Mottled purply skin always bursting at the seams, and a refreshing honey-nectar taste. Pop one in your mouth when you are missing summer.

Saint Anthony (2015): Star-specked violet and green skin with honey-grapefruit flesh that tastes like dizzyingly sweet honeydew melon.

Alma (2014): Zebra brown and green striped skin with lavender-amber flesh that tastes like butterscotch. This fig often can be caught dripping honey while still on the tree.

Violet de Bordeaux (2015): Coming Soon.